Welcome to the XXXIX International Congress on Intellectual Property

This year, the theme "Intellectual Property in the New Global Geopolitical Scenario" will be the focus of plenary sessions and panels, with debates and approaches concerning the most diverse topics, from the pharmaceutical industry and the process of launching a new drug in the market, going through technology and public safety, up to the entertainment and gaming industry.

In a highly globalized world, where most communication, production, and commerce is created, stored, and transmitted by digital means, which know no boundaries, geopolitics also plays a key role.

Currently, Intellectual Property is a commodity with a high degree of liquidity. Innovations that facilitate and streamline process development and the creation of new products are of universal interest, and have great value.

Documentation, standardization and sharing of information on innovative practices brings benefits to countries and organizations whose proximity, or even the stage of development, are a common ground.

Private sectors of research, development and innovation, as well as
the link between industry and universities, deserve special attention in the exchange of information on intellectual property legislation, which has the purpose of protecting IP, but also encourages the adoption and dissemination of new technologies.

In Brazil, with the new government, the BPTO became part of the Ministry of Economy, bringing the prospect of a greater structuring of the institution, and of the opening of an important discussion concerning its financial autonomy. Only in this way will the BPTO’s modernization be achievable, making it possible to adapt it to the levels of efficiency and agility found in equivalent institutions in other countries, thus strengthening the means to obtain a more effective and faster protection of innovations in the country.

In this context, ABPI’s XXXIX International Congress on Intellectual Property represents the opportunity to interact and exchange experiences with IP experts and specialists, and to update knowledge on the developments of current issues.

The event also has a traditional dinner party, a unique opportunity of networking with ABPI’s main partners, entities and authorities related to the area of Intellectual Property.

We look forward to see you there!