ABPI supports the NGO Parceiros da Educação RJ, which works to improve students’ academic performance and promote  quality in public education.

Through the Educação + Digital campaign, Parceiros da Educação RJ has already distributed over 100 tablets to public school students who do not have a computer or Internet access and were not studying during the pandemic.
Now, the NGO needs to keep these young people connected until the end of the school year.

Donate R$ 30.00 and help ensure internet access to a Rio de Janeiro’s public school student for a month

Support our cause for education, fighting school inequality and promoting digital inclusion.

Donate R$ 30,00

Learn more about Parceiros da Educação RJ by watching the video below:

About the NGO – Parceiros da Educação is a non-profit association, certified by OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest), which works for quality public education in Brazil.

Parceiros da Educação focuses on promoting and developing partnerships between civil society, education departments, public schools, and the school community, aiming at improving students’ academic performance and promoting excellence in public education.

Through structured programs monitored by a technical team, the partnerships aim to enhance investments in the area of education, making schools more efficient with the central objective of improving students’ academic performance.